Punch Television Studios Current Intial Public OfferingHas been The One Dollar For Each Share of Stock Correct?

LA, California: Punch TV Studios, a robust TV creation studios qualified with the United states Securities and Exchange Commission to put up for sale shares in the corporation at $1 every share. This rare investment decisionopportunity permitted the people young and old to invest in an intriguing multimedia group with significant expansion potential. The corporation was keen to participate while giving back to the the public.

With the help of an IPO of 50 million shares of stock at only $1 for every share, investors were able to purchase stock directly from the corporation. Buyers was able to develop into part owners in Punch Television Studios, and connect in the satisfaction to be able to observe their market.

Punch TV Studios, investor source has already made it likely for click here the company to start up 7 stations across the nation hitting over 26 million housing, not to mention stations in Southern California, Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville Florida, Houston & Beaumont TX. The network continues to be able to productively start up on major cable networks broadcasting on Frontier Communications, DirecTV, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Fios by Verizon and Dish Network.

The company's launch in Los Angeles is estimated to get more info provides over $24 million dollars in yearly sales revenue alone. The organization is projected to make over $1.3 billion dollars in sales each year and is assigning a little of the money lifted from the stock offering to generate over 300 feature films and television programs across a big selection of styles and your market.

Over the past several months Punch TV was able to invest a $1 million dollar into Punch Animations (URBT)). These campaigns will enable new content developers to bring their plans to completion and check here develop jobs and economic well being in the group where the movies are completed.

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